MacMillin Pump/Motor Mounts

Save 75 percent Installation Time
on Hydraulic Power Asemblies

How to Select A MacMillin Mount

1. BASIC MOUNT TYPE - Using motor frame size and chart below, select the basic Mount type to fit the NEMA-C face. Example: Size 284-TC will accept Type 3 Mounts.

In a typical configuration, "E" = Face-to-Face Distance
* See manufacturer's data for dimension.

 2. PUMP END STYLE - From pump manufacturers data, determine mounting style, shaft length and pilot thickness of pump. Standard SAE 2 & 4 bolt styles are shown below.

* See manufacturer's data for dimension.

3. PROPER LENGTH - Face-to-face distance (Dimension E) must accommodate length of motor shaft (Dimension AH), pump shaft and pilot thickness. Allow at least 3/16" clearance between shafts. Then select appropriate mount from tables below.