Hydraulic Variable Drive Systems

Here's news for hydraulic system specifiers..

MacMillin has combined the versatility of variable drive with the proven performance of their packaged power units to provide a new hydraulic variable drive system.

Compared to electric drives, MacMillin hydraulic drives are lightweight and more compact to save installation space. Also, MacMillin drives are more economical than electric drives. With models covering the full horsepower range of 2-250, there's a MacMillin system for most every application. From direct drive to a high reduction gearbox, the final drive options are endless.

Each pre-tested system consists of an exclusive MacMillin "Circuit-Blok" manifold, motor and variable displacement pump mounted on the reservoir, along with the completely wired electrical panel and remote control. Final speed can be monitored with the optional remote tachometer. For automated systems the power units are adaptable to PC programming.